Our Issues

We want to change the world in a real, tangible way. The following list is by no means exhaustive; we work to empower young people to take on the causes they care about and work for social justice.

Challenging the Military-Industrial Complex:
We support educational efforts to inform others of the dangers of unchecked military spending. We also support anti-war organizing.

Higher Education:
Access to higher education means full funding, affordability, and admission for citizens and undocumented youth. We are against any form of discrimination, work to push the legislature to more fully fund higher education, and to fight for undocumented youth to be admitted to public institutions. Check out our accomplishments in this area.

Do you want to become a part of the student movement in St. Louis and throughout the US? Contact campus organizer Courtney Hayes to see how you can get involved and build YSTL’s student coalition! courtney.hayes91@gmail.com

Organizing for Racial and Gender Justice:
This includes supporting immigrant rights, efforts for police accountability, and eradication of the death penalty. We support real civilian review and the guarantee of privacy and civil liberties for all people in St. Louis and elsewhere. Check out efforts to hold police chief Sam Dotson accountable for militarization of the St. Louis police force HERE.

Fair Wages, Fair Treatment:                                                                                           YSTL supports a living wage for all workers and an end to the abuse of low wage workers in the fast food industry. Hear YSTL Director Rasheen Aldridge discuss his fight for $15 and a union for Fast Food workers HERE.

To stay updated on YSTL actions and solidarity, be sure to check our Facebook and Twitter.