Take Action

Young Activists United is a vital resource for finding opportunities to engage in concrete social justice work, gaining leadership experience in activism, and learning the skills necessary to become a powerful leader in the St. Louis social justice scene. Members of YSTL have been able to connect with local actions, trainings, and leadership opportunities and have used their experience to become organizers for the next generation of the social justice movement. JOIN US!

Host a Teach-In or Training for Young People                                                        YSTL has extensive experience in engaging and organizing students and young people of all backgrounds around a variety of issues. We are willing to provide workshops on a variety of topics including: intersectionality, campaigns, building collective power, legislative issues such as Medicaid expansion or Right-to-Work for Less, AND MORE! If you are interested, contact us at youngactivistsunitedstl@gmail.com and we can work with you to engage your base!

Save Our Nation; Reduce Military Spending                                                            Every year, the Peace Economy Project hand delivers an appeal to Congress to reduce military spending and reinvest in human needs. This year’s appeal focuses on a number of areas where we feel cuts can be made. Please sign on to show your support, and this summer we will deliver this appeal along with your signature of support to your Senators and House Rep. Click here to read and sign this year’s appeal.

Support Medicaid Expansion in Missouri                                                                  YSTL has been working to build access to healthcare in Missouri. One way to accomplish this would be for the state to accept federal funds to expand the Medicaid program. Although the state has yet to do so, local organizations are working hard to urge for healthcare for all. Click here to find out how you can be involved.