Mission and Values

YSTL is a bridge organization bringing together progressive young people with local social justice work to foster young leaders and build the next generation of organizers for the social justice movement in St. Louis. We collaborate on combating the military industrial complex, building student power, challenging corporate greed, deconstructing institutional racism, and more. We are open to new ideas and causes and look for ways to plug young people into the work they are interested in.

Our Mission

Young Activists United St. Louis serves as a link between students and young activists across campuses, social justice organizations, and causes in the St. Louis area. We facilitate learning and action opportunities through development trainings, organizing forums, and channeling students and young activists into concrete social justice work.

Our Values

Young Activists United St. Louis believes in building and transforming our communities through relationships that support self-determination. We advocate for all forms of social, economic, and environmental justice. We oppose all forms of oppression. We stand for equality and justice.