Allied Organizations

We are affiliated with the following organizations:

Our fiscal sponsor:
Peace Economy Project (PEP)
PEP is dedicated to research and education about the military-industrial complex and the dangers of unchecked military spending.

Jobs with Justice
Missouri Immigrant & Refugee Advocates (MIRA)
Missourians Organizing for Reform & Empowerment (MORE)
Organization for Black Struggle
Yeyo Arts Collective

We currently have the following chapter organizations:

Community Chapter: The community chapter focuses on the interests of non-students, recent graduates, and young people generally not affiliated with a campus chapter. Recently they have been working with local organizations to get young people engaged in the fight for quality healthcare.

University of Missouri St. Louis Chapter: The UMSL chapter is building relationships with other organizations on campus to fight for quality education and services at the university. They held a town hall in November 2013 to discuss the closing of a vital library and are focusing on social justice oriented programming to engage all students at this diverse school. For more information contact campus lead Courtney Hayes: