14 Reasons to support YSTL in 2014


Happy New Year!

We hope this season finds all of you well rested, healthy, and ready to organize!

Saturday January 11th from 3-6PM, Come celebrate with YSTL as we prepare for a new year for the organization. We will welcome our new director Rasheen and thank our previous intercampus coordinator Alice Floros for her hard work.

To help sustain the organization for another year with a new paid organizer we ask for $10 admission at the door (although we will not turn anyone away). The party will have plenty of food, music, YSTL-themed trivia, and more fun games. Finally, Labor Coordinator Derek will be competing with Peace Economy Project Director Jasmin for donations and the winner will have his or her head shaved!

It will be a good time and we hope you can make it to sustain YSTL now and for future years to come!

Reasons to support YSTL in 2014:

1)      Invest in Youth Activism and Train Social Justice Leaders for the broader movement. Donate: Money to provide scholarship to pay for trainings in anti-oppression, power analysis, campaign building and fundraising.

2)      Support groups advocating and organizing for greater accessibility and affordability of higher education in MO. Donate: A gift of printing for flyers, pamphlets and cards to use when organizing on campuses to build a student base

3)      Help build youth power and connections within the broader community. Donate: Information and support! Recommendations and connections to local organizations, student groups, and mentors or your very own wisdom and advice!

4)      Support intersectional organizing between youth, students, labor, advocacy and environmental groups because when we fight together, we win! Donate: Folks! Know someone who is interested in youth activism – or are you interested in youth advocacy and looking for a place to turn? YSTL is the perfect opportunity to get involved!

5)      Support YSTL’s social media presence – it not only gets the word out for our allies’ events and issues, but also helps connect people to these causes. Donate: Money to buy a template for the YSTL website.

6)      Promote visibility of youth activist groups around town. Donate: A banner to put our logo on, or donate time to help with our website!

7)      Support the financial sustainability of our efforts. Donate: Funding for our paid organizer!

8)      Support growing the labor movement by connecting young workers to YSTL and thus to the greater social justice movement and promoting intersectionality. Donate: Refer young union members looking to get involved to YSTL’s Labor Committee (Derek Wetherell is the labor chair).

9)      Help YSTL build our student coalition and strengthen our presence on college campuses. Donate: Folks! Refer us to current students, professor allies, and spread the word about potential internships with YSTL in the coming year at places like UMSL, STLCC, Harris Stowe, and others! (Courtney Hayes is the campus chair.)

10)  Help bring together local activists, community members, faith, labor and advocacy groups to collaborate across movements to improve upon current educational policy and help win a better Higher Education Act in 2014. Donate: Help plan and come to our upcoming summer organizing conference!

11)  Renovate and improve greater connectivity in the YSTL Office by making change to the space. Donate: Handyperson services for office renovation!

12)  Create positive energy and safe spaces for youth to interact and have fun, while learning and growing as leaders. Donate: Office space for retreat planning sessions and time for change of scenery.

13)  Support party time and non-committal socializing fun to de-stress and check in with movement peers. Donate: Food/spirits/space for a happy hour or other similar party in 2014.

14)  Expand access to and knowledge of the social justice community in STL among young people. Donate: Printing, screen-printing and button and business cards to improve connectivity

What do we want more than anything else?  We want to work and grow with you, our allies and supporters! Without your gracious time, donations and sustainerships, none of this would be possible! Thank you!

We look forward to seeing all of you January 11th! You can purchase tickets ahead of time (which is strongly encouraged) HERE

Also, find the event page on Facebook and invite your friends! The more the merrier! HERE

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